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An English Breakfast Recipe


1 link pork sausage
1 frozen hash brown patty
2 thick slices bacon, reserve grease
1 tomato, cut in half
4 mushrooms, sliced
1 egg, fried or scrambled
1 slice white bread
1 tsp butter, or as needed
baked beans, optional


1. Heat the reserved bacon drippings in a skillet over medium heat.
Add the sausage and hash browns.
Fry until browned on one side, about 5 minutes.
Turn them over to fry on the other side and add the tomato,
bacon and mushrooms.
The idea is to start cooking with the things that take the longest.

2. When the tomato, bacon and mushrooms
are just about cooked, crack the egg into the center
and allow to cook.
You might want to add a little more oil just to crisp the edges.
Toast the slice of bread while the egg cooks and then spread butter on it.

3. Serve everything on a plate with the toast on the side.

Makes 1 Serving